Baski Supplements


Baski Honeybush extract is derived from the Honeybush plant from the Cyclopia family, and is regarded for its potential impact on health. There are many benefits attributed to this plant, but the most impactful are as follows:

Reduces Inflammation

There is evidence that the phenolic compounds in honeybush are able to reduce inflammation and prevent the development of chronic inflammatory diseases. Phenolic compounds have a direct effect on down-regulating the body’s inflammatory response. This makes honeybush extract effective in providing  inflammatory relief to skin flare ups and irritation caused by conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Improves the Immune System

Honeybush is a natural source of many antioxidants, including major phenolic compounds. Phenolic compounds play a significant role in protecting the immune system from oxidative stress, which could damage cells, according to a 2013 review published in “Nutrients.” Phenolic compounds also modulate the immune system, which helps the body’s natural defenses against infections.

Other Therapeutic properties

Honeybush also contains other therapeutic substances, including: Pinitol, which is an effective expectorant and has shown anti-diabetic activity; isoflavones, which help regulate menstrual cycles and have been found to be helpful in the prevention of various cancers; flavones, which are natural anti-inflammatories and have anti-viral properties; and xanthones, which are also anti-inflammatory.