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Natural Benefits of Honeybush Tea

What Is Honeybush Tea?

Honeybush is a shrub that is commonly infused and used as a herbal tea that is produced from the leaves of the Cyclopia plant family. This family of plants is naturally found only in small areas in the southeast and southwest of South Africa. Honeybush shares many similarities with Rooibos Tea, another tea originating from the area, and one of the similarities is the taste. Honeybush tea is touted for its sweeter taste and is used to mask the bitter taste of many other herbs. It also has been known to be used for making jams, wines, iced teas and other culinary items.

The species name Cyclopia means ‘round eye’. This is in reference to the intrusive base of the flower that contributes to its appearance. The shrub natively is found with woody stems that produce bright yellow flowers. These flowers produce a scent that is similar to honey and this is where the shrub gets its name. 

Honeybush tea is commonly made from fermented dried leaves to create a dark orange-brown color. The tea can also be prepared unfermented as well. The honeybush tea is completely organic, as it is harvested directly from the wild plant.

What Are Some Health Benefits Of Honeybush Tea

Honeybush tea has been known to have a myriad of different health benefits. Some of the most common benefits that the tea has been credited with is its ability to relieve coughing and soothe a throat. Additional health benefits of honeybush Tea include:

  • Lack of Caffeine
  • Relieves stress
  • Treatment of Menopausal Symptoms
  • Treating Stomach Aches and Constipation
  • Rich in Minerals and Antioxidants
  • Boosting Metabolism
  • Decreased Blood Sugar
  • Regulating Blood Pressure
  • Treating a Cold
  • Helping with Kidney Ailments
  • Healing A Sore Throat
  • Healing Skin Irritation
  • Reduces Inflammation


Side Effects of Organic Honeybush Tea

There are no recorded significant side effects of honeybush tea to worry about. Through several trials conducted, researchers have concluded that the honeybush plant and its tea does not produce any adverse effects for those that consume it.  As a natural and organic tea and supplement, the tea is gentle on your body while also providing a list of benefits.

Honeybush Extract In Use

Our vision is to bring the wellness and the benefits associated with the Honeybush plant to the community. We began by creating a concentrated extract of the plant to aid people with the skin irritation associated with psoriasis and eczema. 

During our discovery journey, we have uncovered several publications that we want to share with you. Our intention is to spread the word about the plant and its benefits. I hope you find these links educational about the natural plant from South Africa.